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Gideons Animal Outreach

Is a organisation that focuses on reaching out and helping less fortunate people with their pets and animals. Our mission is to help more animals get access to basic health care and sterilization to control the over population of domestic animals. We achieve this by traveling to communities and providing subsidized care and treatments to those in need. Education on the humane treatment of animals is provided to any and all who are willing to listen.

Who is Gideon

Gideon Morar has spent the past 10 years working as an Animal Welfare Inspector and has dealt with thousands of animal cruelty cases, rescues and welfare concerns. His passion for helping animals has led to the creation of this outreach organisation, where he can focus on helping, educating and preventing cruelty and unwanted breeding.

What we do

Outreach Services


Provide basic care for domestic pets such as inoculations, parasite control, deworming and dipping.
Collecting and transporting animals to and from veterinary practices for sterilisation and medical treatments.


Building and providing shelters, enclosures and running wires for animals that are kept in cages and on chains.
Examine the animals living conditions and help to improve them through education and intervention.

Pro Active

Identify the main problems and challenges being experienced by the animals and people.
Report animal cruelty to authorities, such as dog fighting and abuse.
Responding to various situations where animals are in distress and in need of rescue.


Travel to townships, suburbs and rural settlements to engage with the communities.
Going to schools and public places to conduct educational presentations for people of all ages.
To work with and assist other animal welfare organisations where possible.

Feral Cat Trapping

We promote the humane capture of feral cats in order to have them sterilised , inoculated, dewormed and released back to their environments. This controls the number of feral cats breeding and spreading disease. We do not however, trap healthy feral cats and remove or euthanise them.

Get Involved

Working together with communities

By engaging with communities and identifying challenges, we can improve the treatment and living conditions of animals. Many animals are kept chained up or confined to cages, which is a common practice due to lack of education and knowledge. These conditions can be improved when we work together with communities.

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Office Hours


M-F: 8:00am – 16:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a rescue or adoption center?

Gideon’s Animal outreach works together with numerous animals rescue organisations and assists with rehoming of rescued animals. We do not however run our own shelter.

Which areas do we operate in?

We operate all around Johannesburg and surrounding areas, including townships and rural areas. However we will go where ever we are truly needed.

Who qualifies for this subsidised treatment?

Any one who is in need of a helping hand and wants what is best for their animals will qualify for subsidised treatments through this organisation.

Can you help someone you know?

We encourage you to nominate and sponsor someone who you know is a pet owner and is in need of our outreach services.


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Get Involved

Any individuals or groups are welcome to volunteer and get involved with our ongoing outreach projects. Working in the field with people and animals is a very positive and uplifting experience. Weather its helping to dip dogs or build shelters for animals, all volunteers are highly appreciated and encouraged. If you can volunteer any services or skills to this cause, please consider doing so as this go a long way.

Upcoming Events

To be Announced 


Networking with like Minded People

All supporters are invited to join our WhatsApp group for weekly updates on the work being done and the animals and people that were assisted. Creating a network of animal conscious people will lead to more encouragement and ideas being shared.


Eduction is Key


Through education and intervention, we will strive to prevent cruelty and mistreatment to animals. Empowering communities with the knowledge needed to care for their animals. Creating a brighter future for humans and animals.

Help Someone You Know

Ever wondered if your domestic worker or gardener has a pet? Why not consider sponsoring your employees’ pet to be treated and sterilised. Or perhaps a pensioner, friend or family member that may need assistance with their animals. We can help by visiting their homes and providing assistance where possible.

Our need

To help cover the costs of petrol, vehicle and consumables such as flea and tick dip, deworming medicine and various medical supplies, please consider making a donation to this programme of any affordable amount. As this is a Non Profit Organisation, we rely soley on generous dontions from indivuals and companies who are concerned about the welfare of animals in our society and would like to see a possitve change

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