How You Can Help


The BasicsHeros!

Making a difference

We understand that not every one can donate money here is our wishlist of items that will make the world of diffrence


  • Animal cages and carry baskets. All sizes needed.
  • Control pole , net and leashes
  • Dog and cat deworming medicines.
  • Flea and Tick treatment products.
  • Any veterinary supplies and products.
  • Vehicle and uniform branding.
  • Any pet products such as blankets, collars, toys etc.

Leave us your detials to arrange for collection

Providing basic health care

for domestic pets such as inoculations, parasite control, deworming and dipping

Severe tick infestation.

Ticks and other external parasites can be prevented through regular dipping, using various, animal friendly products. Dip baths are set up weekly at different locations to prevent tick infestations and tick borne diseases.

Severe Mange

Mange is a treatable condition many animals suffer from. Without proper medication this condition causes severe hair loss and painful skin. Gideons Animal Outreach provides treatment to animals with mange and other skin conditions

Sponor an animal sterilisation

In a country where many people are struggling to make ends meet, this is an opportunity to help reach out and uplift the lives of domestic pets in less fortunate homes. Sponsoring an animal will allow us to go out and assist animals in need of  basic health care and sterilisation,  while providing valuable knowledge to animals owners about how better look after their animal compnions. Subsides costs of treatments are provided by Orion Vetirnary Clinic for these animals to receive expert treatment. By sponsoring an animal for just R350, one dog or cat can be sterilised in a professional animal surgery theatre. Feedback and pictures of sponsored animals will be sent to all sponsors.


Meet Our Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Asheena Suraj Pal

Thousands of surgeries performed

Years working in animal welfare hospitals

Heart of gold and genuine passion for animals.

Event and Service Calanders

Here are some imporanat dates

Featured Dates

To Be Announced

Engage and educate

Building a Foundation 

By going to schools and public places to conduct educational presentations for people of all ages

  • Regular visits to local schools
  • Educational programs on animal care and welfare.
  • Engage with children and assist their animals.
  • Distribute educational material.
Our Target

How Your Donation Helps

  • Collect and sterilise up to 37 dogs and cats every month.
  • Treat at least 200 dogs and cats for external parasites by dipping.
  • Deworm up to 50 dogs and cats every month.
  • Install at least 10 running wires for dogs that are kept on chains.
  • Visit at least 2 schools every month for educational programmes.
  • Provide basic health care to as many sick and injured animals as possible.
  • Provided education to as many animal owners as possible.

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